TD-SILENT In-line Mixed Flow Duct Fan (Designed for Rigid Duct Applications)

In-line Duct Fan Series


Model Features

  • Exhaust air up to 530 CFM with static pressure capabilities to 1" w.g.
  • Mixed flow impeller for excellent air flow to pressure performance ratio
  • Direct connection, single-speed motor
  • Ideal for applications where space is limited
  • cULus Listed

cULus Listed

Model Overview

The TD-SILENT fans are extremely quiet, low profile "Mixed-flow" fans manufactured in tough reinforced plastic material, a single-speed controllable 115V 60Hz motor and an external connection box. Sound waves are directed through the perforated inner skin and absorbed by a layer of sound-absorbent insulation. These fans are fitted with rubber gaskets on the inlet and outlet to facilitate installation, absorb vibrations, and provide a virtually air-tight seal.

The TD-SILENT offers the same simple installation features as the extremely popular TD-MIXVENT fans with an integral mounting bracket, removable body, and a terminal box that can be rotated 360 degrees. The low profile of the fans makes them the ideal product for installations with low height limits, such as the case of suspended ceilings.

5-year fan housing and motor warranty

Model Duct Dia. (in) Max. CFM Nom. RPM Voltage Frequency (Hz) Max. Watts Current Max. SP (in W.G.) Max. Temp. of Transported Air Shipping Weight
TD-125XS 5 203 2500 120 60 36 0.32 A 0.5 104 °F 11.9 lbs
TD-150S 6 333 2700 120 60 65 0.54 A 1.0 140 °F 13.2 lbs
TD-200S 8 530 2200 120 60 122 0.80 A 1.0 140 °F 19.2 lbs
Dimensional drawing for the TD-SILENT
Model A Ø B C Ø D E F G H
TD-125XS 22-5/8" 3-13/16" 9-15/16" 8-1/16" 3-15/16" 9-13/16" 3-1/4" 4-3/4"
TD-150S 19-1/16" 5-13/16" 10-13/16" 8-11/16" 4-9/16" 9-13/16" 3-3/4" 5-1/4"
TD-200S 22-3/8" 7-13/16" 12-7/8" 10-3/8" 5-11/16" 13-11/16" 5-1/16" 6-7/16"

Additional accessories are available for certain products. Contact your S&P Representative for more information about these accessories.

Standard Accessories

BOC Interior Air Valve Metal Download
BOR Interior Air Valve Plastic Download
EPBT-60 Electronic Push Button Timer Download
FB Filter Box Download
FT247 Programmable Fan Timer Download
FT622 ASHRAE 62.2 Bath Fan Ventilation Control Download
GRA Aluminum Exterior Fixed Grille Download
ID Flexible Round Duct  
MAR Connections for Rectangular Duct Download
MBR Connection Flange  
MCA Backdraft Damper Download
MD Motorized Backdraft Damper Download
MFL Filter Box Download
MRJ Grille Download
PER-CN High Pressure Aluminum Louver Shutter Download
PER-W Plastic Louver Shutter Download
PG Premium Grille/Collar Download
SC Speed Control Download
SCS5 Speed Control Slide Type Download
SIL Acoustic Attenuators Download
SR Reducer Download
SY Y Sheet Metal Adapter Download

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