Inline Tubular Centrifugal Fans

In-line Duct Fan Series


Model Features

  • Rated up to 20,000 CFM in static pressure applications up to 2-1/2" w.g.
  • Motor and drives are located outside of the airstream
  • Ideal for applications where space is limited
  • Belt drives permit easy performance adjustments when needed
  • Continuously welded and epoxy painted steel housing
  • For indoor use only
  • AMCA Air and Sound Licensed
  • cULus 705 or 762 Listed

AMCA Air and Sound Licensed   cULus Listed

Model Overview

Inline Tubular Centrifugal line offers one of the widest ranges of sizes, horsepower and performance in the industry. Models CTB are high capacity belt drive tubular centrifugal fans rated from 300 to 20,000 CFM, with static pressure capability up to 2-1/2". These fans are designed for commercial and industrial in-line applications that demand quiet, efficient and reliable air movement. They are used to exhaust air from or supply air to commercial and industrial applications, such as, general building ventilation, enclosed garages, paint spray booths, heat and smoke ventilation systems, restaurant and kitchen exhaust ventilation, historical buildings with limited roof space and restrictive duct lengths, and other applications where air is moved through a duct system against moderate static pressure.

The CTBRHUL is specifically suited for restaurant exhaust where roof space is limited, sidewall mounted fans are prohibited or duct lengths are restricted. The CTBRHUL is also perfect in areas where extreme weather and outside air temperatures are a concern when maintenance on the fan is needed.

The centrifugal wheel is designed to provide higher efficiencies and lower sound levels than propeller type fans when used in medium pressure duct systems. Tubular centrifugal fans can be mounted in any position providing for installations in the smallest possible space.

2-year fan housing warranty, 1-year motor warranty

Size CFM Range Max SP
9 300 to 350 2"
11 500 to 1950 2-1/4"
13 600 to 2900 2"
15 900 to 3600 2-1/2"
18 1200 to 5700 2-1/2"
22 1200 to 6800 2"
24 2000 to 10000 2-1/2"
30 2250 to 14250 2-1/2"
36 4600 to 17700 1-3/4"
42 8300 to 20300 1-1/4"
Dimensional Drawing CTB Mounting Options

Note: Additional accessories are available for certain products. Contact your S&P Representative for more information about these accessories.

Hanging Bracket / Mounting Foot with Hanging Spring Isolator   Download
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Rubber Isolator (Floor)   Download
Spring Isolator (Floor)   Download
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  • General / Clean Air
  • Grease / Restaurant (UL 762, CTBRHUL ONLY)
  • High Temperature above 200°F