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High Volume Low Speed Fan

High Volume Low Speed Fans

Tornado HVLS

Model Features

  • Tempest 6 ft. – 16 ft. diameter
  • Ecowatt® direct drive EC motor
  • Onboard IP65 VFD, factory assembled and programmed
  • Equipped with nylon 66 wingtips to redirect outward airflow into downward airflow
  • Extruded anodized aluminum blades
  • Lowers energy bills through evaporative cooling effect

Ecowatt Registered

Model Overview

Tempest HVLS is a 6-Blade High Volume Low-Speed fan model featuring a direct drive ECM, IP65 motor. This fan is equipped with wingtips to redirect outward airflow downward.  Through the destratification process, the THVLS fan series will lower energy bills providing evaporative cooling effect in summer and allow for uniform temperature in winter.

Due to an increase of lift created by the shape of the blade, Tempest fans can operate at lower speeds with less power consumption and produce a higher distribution of airflow.

5-year fan housing warranty, 1-year motor and control warranty

Tornado HVLS Specifications

Covered for
Diameter for
Diameter for
6 Ft.
(1.8 m)
2,826 Ft2
(262 m2)
60 Ft.
(18 m)
30 Ft.
(9 m)
101 lbs
8 Ft.
(2.4 m)
5,024 Ft2
(467 m2)
80 Ft.
(24 m)
40 Ft.
(12 m)
104 lbs
10 Ft.
(3.0 m)
7,850 Ft2
(730 m2)
100 Ft.
(30 m)
50 Ft.
(15 m)
107 lbs
12 Ft.
(3.6 m)
11,304 Ft2
(1,050.2 m2)
120 Ft.
(36 m)
60 Ft.
(18 m)
111 lbs
14 Ft.
(4.3 m)
15,386 Ft2
(1,429.4 m2)
140 Ft.
(43 m)
70 Ft.
(21.5 m)
115 lbs
16 Ft.
(4.9 m)
20,096 Ft2
(1,867 m2)
160 Ft.
(49 m)
80 Ft.
(24.5 m)
119 lbs

Note: Additional accessories are available for certain products. Contact your S&P Representative for more information about these accessories.

THVLS Eco-Digital Submittal
THVLS Eco-Manual Submittal
Ecowatt® Brochure
Instruction and Operation Manual